Snapchat, as we know it has become one of the most popular social network around the Globe! It has become a necessity for many and are truly overwhelmed by the amazing features that it has to offer! One of the most attractive feature of snapchat is the privacy options that it has to offer, which creates a safe environment for its users and have the confidence that they cannot be tracked back.

However, there are people who have this question as to how to hack snapchat to bypass some of its privacy features and to modify it as much as possible. For this reason, hackers have worked out their way to hack the snapchat application to provide some extra features that Snapchat is actually not providing. Hackers have promoted their apps throughout the web as “Snapchat +” etc.

There are third party app stores on both, IOS and Android platforms which provide modded apps including the modded version of Snapchat. Yes, you may get additional features such as hiding from others that you have seen their stories or have taken a screenshot without them knowing or other features such as spoofing your location. However, there are risks in using such apps. Snapchat continuously update their application and in the process, they are also making sure that any of their users are not using such modded applications because no matter what, you are still using snapchat through original servers and they can detect whether anyone is violating their laws. Detection of usage of certain modded snapchat apps could actually lead to a temporary or maybe a permanent ban of your account. Moreover, another risk in using such apps is that there may be an additional server by the hackers to evade your own personal privacy! So, if you still have a question such as, “How to hack Snapchat”, hold your peace!

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