There are many different ways of straining an emotional chord in the minds of the audiences. Impatto Fiat campaign archived its objective cleverly by insinuating that the new product as more American than American products and similar in many ways to the youth icon of the country. The time was 2011 and Fiat, the Italian automobile company was trying to make a strong comeback in the country. It was away from North American markets for 25 long years and wanted to make no mistake this time around. It chose to hire services of a marketing agency called Impatto. It was asked by Fiat to bring out the positive features of Fiat 500 to encourage people to buy it.


500 projected as true American car

After a lot of brainstorming, Impatto thought it was appropriate to highlight similarities between Fiat 500 and the biggest youth icon of America, Elvis Presley. After telling the audience that Fiat 500 was a product best suited to American lifestyle (the car is shown being driven to a drive in movie theater), Jailbreak Rock, a very popular 1957 song sung by Elvis Presley is played in the commercial. A voice in the background tells the people that Fiat 500 is the car of the future and it gives more to the owners than they expect from it. The tagline used for Fiat 500 in this TV commercial was ‘simply more’. This Impatto Fiat campaign achieved all its objectives. It created a positive image for the car and compelled American people to see and touch this car.


Fiat 500 became a huge success in America, largely because of the promotion carried out by Impatto. Fiat forged a relationship with this marketing agency which is continuing till date. Impatto has done many more electronic media and print media ad campaigns for Fait since then.

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